Today was cool, rainy, and overcast, so it seemed a perfect plan for [ profile] jwonderboy and I to head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by way of Central Park, with the idea of traveling paths we don't normally take. One path lead us past the Boat Pond to the sculpture of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Around this sculpture are bronze plaques with some of the more popular lines from the books: the first few lines of Jabberwocky, one of the best nursery rhymes ever, and some very bad parenting advice.

Because Central Park was laid out by people who knew what they were doing, the Alice sculpture is right beside a hollow hill, on which oak trees and silver birch grow in a ring. Though the trees themselves were lush and green, the ground on the mound was covered in autumnal orange and golden fallen leaves.

While it isn't a tor, Cedar Hill has the feel of one, especially at dusk in the mist.

On a tangentially-related note, fresh figs filled with chopped walnuts and lemon curd are surprisingly good. I want to gather some of the local oddities for a tea party by the Mad Hatter scuplture, either on the sculpture plaza itself, or on the mound beside it, where we will feast on fresh figs and scones with clotted cream and lemon curd (and tea, of course).

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I miss Central Park so much because here in Houston there is only one i really like going to and its Herman Park although the down side is that it's by the Med Center of Houston.
Have a good weekend !!!

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I'm working all weekend, but so far it's been okay. Wishing you a good weekend as well.

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Serendously dippity diversion indeed! Beautiful pics. Looks like you were able to work in 137.5 of your interests in the span of an hour.

Speaking of Spans, where the bejesus did you manage to dig up Steeleye? I remember them from Melody Maker in 19(cough), and possibly from Dawn Koishnah's Rawk Kawnsit.

Have to make it out to the park Someday, if only to pay respects at Strawberry Fields--when all the bad guitar players have gone home for the day, and they make room for the REALLY bad ones.

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I was raised on Steeleye, Fairport Convention, the Albion Band (if I ever find their "Light Shining" album on CD or mp3, I will be beyond thrilled), Silly Wizard, and various Maddy Prior, Sandy Denny, and Richard Thompson solo and side projects. English folk-rock played a big role in my formative years.

Try Strawberry Fields at any time of day and into the night. The guitarists vary between bad, very bad, and "oh sweet merciful heavens please take that poor instrument away from him/her, it's being tortured." Occasionally, you even get some amazingly good musicians playing there.

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Ooh. Can I come to the tea party if I bring some exotic Southern oddities?

This is the danger of me having the bike back, I can be *anywhere* in the continental U.S. and most of Canada in under two days. :D

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But of course. Once I get my rather unfortunate living situation sorted out, I'll even be able to have houseguests again. At which point, my couch is your couch.

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Lemon Curd

I think that Fordham and Mason make a lemon curd that is worth trying.

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Re: Lemon Curd

I'll have to look for it. I've been using MacKay's which is pretty durn good, and no scary ingedients.


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