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Eggplant parmigiana is sort of brain-like in appearance and texture. Mmm, braaaaains eggplant parmigiana.

From: [identity profile] saigh-allaidh.livejournal.com

They're light, fluffy and full of air...sort of zombie whipped cream.

From: [identity profile] feyandstrange.livejournal.com

That would be for real airheads. You can get a brief high off the gas that comes out, too! Bite into a senator, inhale, then sluuurp out the brains... whooooa dude!

From: [identity profile] miss-adventure.livejournal.com

Imagine what would happen if a zombie ate cheerleader brains--that would be like the undead equivalent of sniffing glue.

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There are never too many posts about ZOMBIES. Come on now. (of course this is coming from a girl who, in conjunction with a satanist dragon-girl and an ice-obsessed artist boy, decided in the first week of college to try and make a zombie sorority/fraternity. I AM BIASED)


From: [identity profile] miss-adventure.livejournal.com

May I join? I never thought I'd want to be a sorority girl, but you've changed my mind.

From: [identity profile] keyake.livejournal.com

Of course. Mandatory activities include watching horrid zombie flicks and shambling around lusting for brains. Or in your case, eggplant parmasiana? Hooray zombies!

From: [identity profile] miss-adventure.livejournal.com

We could be called Omega Omega Omega. I like this idea more and more. Greek Row won't know what hit it. (Ate it?)

From: [identity profile] feyandstrange.livejournal.com

I think the brains of people on antidepressants might be like that too.

randomly: why are vegetarians so stupid about food? Gravy particularly? The whole Internet seems shocked that vegetarians can have gravy, and then presents a ghastly recipe for something like flour-and-broth. I'm making the vegetarians a nice fattening hearty mushrooms-and-white-wine gravy, maybe with cream, haven't decided.

From: [identity profile] arahitogami.livejournal.com

The mushrooms and white wine thing sounds fabulous. I could give up meat for that at least. :)

From: [identity profile] feyandstrange.livejournal.com

not being a vegetarian myself, I try to be sympathetic - it's not like I don't have dietary restrictions myself. But I see no reason for bad food.

Heck, I'm now tempted to try a shiitake-and-sake version, except that mushrooms, ironically, are one of the things I am not allowed to eat. (See? I really do love these particular vegetarians.)

From: [identity profile] miss-adventure.livejournal.com

Mmm, mushrooms in white wine. I make some killer mushrooms sauteed in red wine and Indian spices--the sauce gets pretty thick, and it's great over potatoes or rice. (I'm with you there--I've ordered "gravy" at veggoe restaurants and been served wallpaper paste.)

From: [identity profile] feyandstrange.livejournal.com

...hmm. You may have a point there; I believe the hostess is serving red wine with dinner. I habitually default to white these days because I have issues with sulfites, but since I also have issues with mushrooms... hmm. Then again, if it's a cream gravy, red wine and cream sauce just sounds weird to me. It will probably come down to what's lying about in the house for wine, and whether Kai puts all the creamy stuff available into the mashed potatoes.

I did a brief online search for veggie gravy recipes, and yeah, most of 'em were wallpaper paste. I was shocked and horrified, and had to get off my bum and do some serious searches (since we just unpacked the cookbooks).

From: [identity profile] miss-adventure.livejournal.com

The red wine sauce makes a really nice rich "gravy," but I haven't tried a creamy version. The last time I made it, I used a mixture of cremini and Portabello mushrooms because the mushroom lady at the farmer's market was having a special. Now I want to experiment with a lighter, less spiced white wine version using cremini and button mushrooms.

From: [identity profile] naeelah.livejournal.com

I say no

I think they're the mainstay.

(this is also an excuse to use my new icon... A guy's head with "eat me" . I just realized the zombie potential.)

From: [identity profile] miss-adventure.livejournal.com

Re: I say no

I fear you're right. That might explain the sad state of so many zombies--the poor things are malnourished.

I think I need a zombie icon.

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I figure not, since stupid peoples brains would be shrivelled and gristly from disuse.

From: [identity profile] siorathru.livejournal.com

Best. Poll. Evar. *grin*

Also, chortling my ass off at "Who cares? Ticky-box!".

Now, somebody get this damn screwdriver out of my head! *grin*

From: [identity profile] miss-adventure.livejournal.com

It's good stuff. I'm not sure if its resemblance to brains is points in its favour or not. (I'm thinking yes, though.)

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i'm slightly depressed, highly listeless and lethargic. with occasional bursts of manic energy.

sound familiar?

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I just finished a stubborn painting.
Starting another will help me.
Wish something would make me want to read and write.
And grade.